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yay secrets!

Art Alliance and Kvasir are going to be hosting a Post Secret exhibit on campus. The projected date for the exhibition is Friday, April 21st in the cyber cafe. . .hopefully along with a coffeehouse.

Post Secret is an exhibition, a movement, and a blog based on anonymous confessions. A blogger started having people send him secrets, silly habits, confessions etc on post cards. Now he has close to a million, a book out, and a traveling exhibit. Check out the national event here: http://postsecret.blogspot.com/ (updates every sunday)

You can make your secret on your own and drop it off in Kvasir Box #916, or our drop-off boxes at the Info Desk in Ellis or in Health and Wellness. We'll be providing materials this Thursday from 7-9PM in tnt lounge (I know it's right before break. . .but I'll be there at least :D) and next Wednesday the 19th in TNT from 7-9PM. We might try to have another day in there. . .we'll see.

So get a 4x6" postcard, some markers, magazines, or paints, and give us your secrets!!! We're not going to censor, unless someone says something terribly awful about another person and names them. That's the only thing you should really avoid.

E-mail kvasir@juniata.edu or artalliance@juniata.edu for any more info. Thanks everyone!
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